Sheetrock VS. Drywall

Many people ask what the difference between Sheetrock and Drywall is.

Other than a couple  of  chemicals that allow the Sheetrock formula to be patented, there is pretty much no difference between Sheetrock and other drywall. Sheetrock is simply a brand of drywall and has a registered trademark of the U.S. Either material can be used for ceiling or wall construction. Drywall is not created all the same because some  drywall material can have different qualities. Drywall is a panel made of gypsum plaster sandwiched between thick paper.
An old construction technique was to use plaster and you will find that in older vintage homes. Plaster gives a textured look whereas drywall gives a much smoother   look.

These are just other names for Drywall:  Gypsum Board, Plasterboard, Gyprock, Wallboard.

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