Why You Need A Professional To Hang Your Drywall

Problems that could occur when you try to hang drywall yourself. Why it might be worth the investment to hire a professional to hang your drywall.

It is recommended that you hire a professional to do your drywall installation. Here are some problems that commonly occur with do it yourself drywall attempts.


  1. There should be 1/8” space between sheets and you need to be consistent or the joints will be too-tight and you risk breaking off drywall. You also need to leave room for expansion or contraction of the underlying framing. Seasonal expansion of the wood framing can crack the drywall  joints if they are too tight.
  2. The hardest part of hanging sheet rock is the butt joints which is the joints formed where two non-tapered ends of drywall  meet. Butt joints require a buildup of mud.  If you lay down the tape and mud over it you will have joint failure in a matter of months.
  3. It can be very difficult  to cut holes in the sheet rock so that they will align perfectly with receptacles that have already been installed. If possible, mark the location and cut the hole after then install the receptacle.
  4. you aren’t used to hanging drywall you take a risk of driving the screws in too far. You do not want to break the surface of the paper face of the wallboard. If the paper is broken, you lose the holding  power  of the screw.
  5. When sanding the mud compound and joints you want to achieve a smooth surface but inexperienced drywaller or do it yourself drywallers may over sand, which will not look good smooth and professional.
  6. Drywall  hanging takes patience and perseverance because it needs to be done in a series of steps and according to the temperature may take several days to dry.
  7. You need the proper  tools and to use the proper technique to do the installation so it will  look professional.

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